Modeling in Seattle (Updated August 2014)

by Leo on August 24, 2014

Hannah Larson at TCM Models

For some reason I have been receiving a lot of modeling inquiries lately from people who are aspiring to become one.  Instead of replying to it all, let me list the proper steps of approaching modeling in our city.  I am not a modeling agency, even though I work with a lot of them, so contacting me really does not accomplish much.  This post applies to real-world, commercial modeling in Seattle, not for amateurs or those who only want to do it for fun.  Remember, modeling is a business.

Here are the steps:

  1. You should go to one of the three major modeling agencies in Seattle’s websites to see when their open-calls are and what requirements you need to meet (height, measurements etc.).  The three agencies are TCM, SMG and Heffner.
  2. Open-calls are castings open to public, you do not need to make an appointment to go nor do you need connections.
  3. You only need to bring two photos: One “headshot” and one “full-body” photo. Snapshots will do.
  4. You do not need to have professionally taken photographs to get signed if you meet the requirements and have the specific looks that the agencies are looking for.
  5. You definitely do not need to go to any modeling school.
  6. Once, and if, you are signed, your agency will give you a list of photographers whom they have already vetted to get photos taken.  It is not free, no one on the list needs to shoot for their portfolios.  Any business would require some investment, your book/portfolio is your investment.  In the Seattle area, a test costs about $400-600, depending on the experience and caliber of the photographer.  A test should never cost over $2,000, that’s absurd and a sign of a portfolio mill, and you should just walk away (repeat from Step 1).
  7. Once you have your book, your agent will create your composite cards (big business cards with your photos on it), put you on their websites etc, both of which you generally have to pay for.  You do not pay to get signed, you only pay for the promotional materials so they can do their jobs on your behalf.  That said, if you are good at graphic design, you can also create and print your own compcards, saving you even more money. After that, with some luck, you will attend some castings, and you may get work as a commercial/fashion model.

One note on rejection:

If the agencies reject you, because of your height, measurements or “looks” (that’s all they look for initially), do not despair. It does not make you any less of a person or any less beautiful. It only means that maybe commercial modeling is not for you. A huge majority of the commercial models only last a few years, and will go to college and have a wonderful life as contributing members of society. For example, Hannah shown above goes to college and will be a doctor soon. A few smart models are now a professor at UW, a biochemist doing thyroid research, a lawyer, a cancer researcher, a teacher, a marketer, professional artists, entrepreneurs and software developers.

You have a lot of choices.

There are also many parts of you, your look is only one of the many parts, but it is also the only part that you cannot change.

You can’t change how you look (I am short for a guy, too!), but you can change what you learn. If you are rejected, smile at yourself, and move on to better things. If you want career/life mentorship, you can contact me via my consulting company.

I hope this is helpful for someone out there.  Best wishes to your adventure, and may be I will see you at a job or test soon.


LOUIE 2013 Spring/Summer Campaign

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Supporting a beautifully designed “tween” line from Seattle. LOUIE received much critical acclaim at the Playtime Tradeshow in New York. You should be seeing them at the stores next year.

Design by Ann Marie Louie and Liesl Getcheco.

Makeup/hair by Liesl Getcheco.

Models: Lauren @ SMG and Ana.


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