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About Me

I am Leo Lam (林力).  This is my blog.

I am a fashion photographer, technology serial entrepreneur, sustainable energy researcher, engineer, lecturer and a classical tenor.  I attempt to be a kind human being who strive to bring positive changes to the world.  I care deeply about human conditions and our natural environment.  I treasure innovation and yet I am old-fashioned, that I highly value people, integrity, honor and keeping promises above all else.

I am involved with Soulumination, a non-profit that celebrates the lives of children facing life-threatening illnesses. I also care deeply about our environment and minimize waste and energy use by utilizing the latest digital workflow technology. A classical tenor myself, I am a proud patron sponsor of the Seattle Opera, Seattle Symphony and Seattle Art Museum. Most of my profits from photography goes to charities in environmental conservation, urban homelessness, education and the three organizations above.

Aside from photography, I am also an award-winning educator in engineering and entrepreneurship, I believe in the power of education, and mentor many local students from high schools and colleges in photography, science and math. Officially, I am on the board of the Tech Advisory Committee at the Seattle Central Community College. I am also an active mentor, coach and judge on entrepreneurship at the Foster Business School.


PhD, Electrical Engineering (UW), MSEE (UW), BEng (Hon.) (Imperial College, London), Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate (UW Foster Business School), Intellectual Property Law, Management certificates (AMA), Classical Voice (Asso. Board Royal School of Music, Academy of Performing Arts)

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