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Modeling in Seattle

Hannah Larson at TCM Models

 (Updated September 2016) For some reason I have been receiving a lot of modeling inquiries lately from people who are aspiring to become one.  Instead of replying to it all, let me list the proper steps of approaching modeling in our city.  I am not a modeling agency, even though I work with a lot of […]

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Quietly Brilliant

“Quietly Brilliant”.  I am talking about Derek Andrew Inc., with their two prominent lines in major high-end outlets. Featuring Aimee from ANTM Season 10 and her first editorial in over a year, and as angelic as ever. Styled by Tanya Min Jee using CORSON and Twisted Heart from Derek Andrew.  Makeup & hair by Estelle […]

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Post opening: THREE

About 1,200 people later, the opening was done.  It was a wonderful evening.  Cathy Vu @ TCM (pictured above), Estelle Heron @ SMG (pictured below) and Kirsten Parton @ TCM (all featured in the show) showed up to lend some star power.  It was also great to see Seattle’s star makeup artist Brandee Slosar (featured […]

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THREE – Show opening

UPDATE 11-29: I will be collecting non-perishable food items and monetary donation for the food bank (operated by Northwest Harvest).  Please come by with something they can use! It is almost the end of the year.  It has been an eventful and fulfilling one, and I am very thankful for all the wonderful and talented […]

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French girl says “Oui!”

Just for kicks.  Estelle @ SMG.

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When Polaroid announced that it would no longer make instant film, I honestly did not feel anything, unlike many.  Technology moves on, and it was a company mismanaged, it deserved to fail.  The remaining instant film maker is Fujifilm, besides the Impossible Project, which in my prediction, has no sustainable future.  I have always considered […]

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