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Modeling in Seattle

Hannah Larson at TCM Models

 (Updated September 2016) For some reason I have been receiving a lot of modeling inquiries lately from people who are aspiring to become one.  Instead of replying to it all, let me list the proper steps of approaching modeling in our city.  I am not a modeling agency, even though I work with a lot of […]

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I have always loved dancers. Makeup/hair/styling by Glynne Davies. Vanessa Horn @ TCM.  

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Post opening: THREE

About 1,200 people later, the opening was done.  It was a wonderful evening.  Cathy Vu @ TCM (pictured above), Estelle Heron @ SMG (pictured below) and Kirsten Parton @ TCM (all featured in the show) showed up to lend some star power.  It was also great to see Seattle’s star makeup artist Brandee Slosar (featured […]

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THREE – Show opening

UPDATE 11-29: I will be collecting non-perishable food items and monetary donation for the food bank (operated by Northwest Harvest).  Please come by with something they can use! It is almost the end of the year.  It has been an eventful and fulfilling one, and I am very thankful for all the wonderful and talented […]

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A new little editorial came out in the Canadian 180 Magazine online. Cathy is a lovely friend of mine, and have been for many years.  A smart, gifted and lovely lady.  Makeup, hair and styling (yes, all) by the talented Glynne Davies.  Cathy is with TCM in Seattle. Thank you ladies.

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Comes into her own

Watching her grow up has been fun.  Very likely the longest pair of legs I have ever seen in Seattle. Hayley is with TCM.

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More Instant

A few fun ones from today with one of the sweetest ones.  She surprised me two years ago showing up at my birthday party with one of her charcoal paintings all framed up as a present.  She is all grown up now, it is pretty fun to see the transition! Hayley is with TCM in […]

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In a world of heavily produced perfect photographs, life is taken out of the subject matter. Sometimes, there is perfection in minor flaws.  It’s called being human. No production, no makeup, no nothing.  Just her.  Kirsten is with TCM in Seattle.  A sweet, kind and bubbly girl.

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